How To Make Your Bedroom A Healthier Space

How To Make Your Bedroom A Healthier Space

Do you want to make 2017 your best year yet? Mind, body, business and soul? Yes, me too! But in order for myself to even attempt to complete my goals, or to be mentally positive, I need my beauty sleep! Did you know, that the average person sleeps on average 10,635 days of their lifetime? Wow! That’s a very long time. As much as I love the stylish design, colors and decor of my room, I never use to entirely make it a positive sanctuary for the part of myself I find SO important; my mind and soul. Feed your spiritual self with these positive energy filling objects that made a huge difference in my bedroom life!


First of all, you need to create beautiful colors in your room that match your personality and style. According to color specialist Leatrice Eiseman, “We have a repository of information about a color. For example, the color blue is almost always associated with blue skies, which when we are children is a positive thing — it means playing outside and fun. Evolutionary it also means there are no storms to come. This is why it is reminds us of stability and calm”. The colors that sing to my glamorous gentle soul are white, pastel pink, rose gold, gold and purple.


Crystals, crystals crystals, how I love crystals! Adding these beautiful gems gives your room a flow of healing energy. And each crystal has their own different healing benefits. One of the most questions I get asked is do crystals really work? I think yes and no. Yes because our physical bodies are solid, but our aura and outer bodies are light and fluid. Crystals heal us by the vibrations they emit which effects our energy flow and auras. And no, personally I think they won’t work if you aren’t aware or you simply don’t think they have energies; there is a blocked part of yourself you haven’t opened up yet, something which me and my twin sister call ‘Awakening‘. I have nothing against people who aren’t awake either, we’re all entitled to our opinions about the world. Did I mention that crystals are naturally shiny, angelic and glowing for your bedroom?! #YES


According to research at Rutgers, flowers have a positive impact on our emotional health and they have an immediate impact on our happiness. Everyone should have flowers in their bedroom. #Advice, don’t wait until you receive flowers from a birthday or anniversary, buy them yourself! Or like me, buy the fake kind, which personally I think do the same job.


Centuries ago, our ancestors mood and body cycles were affected by light; according to Ember Light, “Our soothing brain chemical serotonin plummets on dark days, causing changes negative in mood and emotions, whereas daylight is proven to cause a spike in serotonin and induce happiness”. As often as you can, open your blinds and let the light in! Besides nighttime, I personally dread dark rooms during the day; a bright room instantly changes my mood. Sunlight also purifies the air and fabrics in your rooms. To make my nights more magical, in my bedroom I use salt lamps, candles and fairy lights; perfect for times of meditation and relaxation.


Essential oils, fresh flowers, incense, candles; you need all of these for your bedroom, and your brain! The ‘limbic’ center of our brain which is responsible for processing our emotions, is in fact connected to the olfactory bulbs, which process smells. Some of favorite scents are lavender, rose, sage, frankincense, sandalwood and jasmine; they all take me to back to positive memories of my life. Scents such as lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and bergamot enhance relaxation and stress relief, and scents such as rosemary, citrus, basil and rose spike happiness, concentration and alertness.


+ Regularly de-clutter your personal belongings and things you no longer need. Whenever I’m stuck, not motivated or lost, I realize that my house and bedroom need cleaning and clearing. This makes more room in your life for the good things.

+ Sage smudge your room; this does wonders to clearing out negative energy and emotions that no longer serve my mind and soul.

+ Open your windows frequently; this purifies the air in your bedroom which promotes better sleep and breathing.